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Special tools for composite materials

In the field of aviation manufacturing, the requirements of aircraft parts materials should be safe, reliable, and as lightweight as possible. Lightweight materials are the best choice, but the machining process is difficult and there is requirement strictly for the cutting tool. Normal carbide tools are prone to problems such as rapid wear and residual burrs during processing, which cannot meet the requirements of high-efficiency and high-precision processing. Due to the high hardness and high wear resistance of the material itself, PCD tools can well meet the processing requirements of lightweight composite materials, and its popularization and application will become an inevitable trend in the development of processing technology in this field.

Tools for Machining Cylinder Liner

China is a major country in manufacturing superhard materials. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of composite superhard materials, Halnn has the services of tool design and customization and processing of drawings and samples, and provides customers with PCBN / PCD blades, PDC blades and processing and customization services; At the same time, it also provides processing guidance and related grinding products for customers who buy tool laminations

CBN PCD Tools for Auto Parts

As a Chinese brand of superhard cutting tools certified by ISO standards, we are the suppliers of Mahler in Germany, brebo in Italy, Wanxiang Group in China and GKN in Britain; It can provide cutting tool design and customized development for global high-quality cylinder liner / piston customers; Provide more efficient superhard cutting tools and ceramic blades for the processing of automotive brake discs / drums; At the same time, it provides cutting tools with stable performance in the processing field of automobile gears and automobile hub bearing units

CBN Tools for Turning Hardened Steel

Halnn Superhard provides hard turning, hard milling, profiling, grooving, threading and other CBN tools for the hardened steel field, and has formed a set of hard cutting tools from continuous to intermittent, from roughing to super-finishing The scheme is for users to choose. It has rich hard cutting experience in the fields of gears/gear shafts, synchronizers, bearings, screws, molds, etc. Available inserts type:SNMN,RNMN,WNGA,CNGA,CCGW CBN inserts, etc.

Solid CBN Inserts for Wear Parts

As a well-known Chinese brand in the field of heavy-duty hard cutting, Halnn CBN tools solve the problem of low processing efficiency of large high hardness wear-resistant castings (high chromium cast iron pumps, high manganese steel wear-resistant parts, etc.), and better achieve the balance of wear resistance and impact resistance compared with other CBN tools in the industry. In China, South Africa, Peru, Chile, India, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries used in the processing of mining wear-resistant castings and received high praise.

Cutting Tools for Mill Rolls

The steel mill roll processing field is the proud field of every Halnn person. We can provide customers with perfect tool selection and complete set of solutions according to the customer's roll material (or China's roll brand) and roll machine tool model; In this field, our tools cover roll lathe tools, roll milling machine tools, roll milling machine tool rods and accessories; Especially in the field of rebar mill rolls, there are abundant complete sets of cutting tools for rebar mill rolls grooving.

  • Special tools for composite materials
  •  Tools for Machining Cylinder Liner
  • CBN PCD Tools for Auto Parts
  • CBN Tools for Turning Hardened Steel
  • Solid CBN Inserts for Wear Parts
  • Cutting Tools for Mill Rolls
What Our Clients Say

Since 2002, Halnn Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. has gradually researched new materials grade, new technology and become the most famous cutting tools brand in superhard cutting tools industry.

After comparing some tool manufacturers, we decide to purchase Halnn products. Delivery, test product, buy official cutting tools and so on every detail, Halnn Superhard is doing very well.

We are satisfied with the entire service, which laid a solid foundation for our future cooperation with Halnn Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.

Halnn's products solved existing problems,improved production efficiency and reduced costs for my factory.

  • Hard Part Turning
  • Automotive
  • Steel Roll
  • Customization

Hard Part Turning industry solutions

We are one of the main suppliers,especially in the following fields: wind power bearings, wind power gears, wind power blades, steel mill rolls, high chromium cast iron pumps, manganese steel wear-resistant castings, large engines and other heavy cutting fields, we provide thousands of customers with cbn,pcd, ceramic and carbide cutting tools

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Automotive industry solutions

HALNN are one of the main suppliers, especially in the following fields: Automobile brake discs, brake drums, transmission gears, engine cylinders, cylinder liners, pistons, aluminum alloy wheels, we provide cbn/pcd cutters for thousands of customers, and this efficiency enhancement scheme has been implemented in China, Southeast Asia and other countries to achieve standardized inventory, which can be delivered quickly.

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Steel Roll industry solutions

Steel roll is one of the important application fields of Halnn. We provide thousands of steel mills with various processing tools, including high-tech tools for CBN, PCD, CVD, ceramics and cemented carbide materials, including turning tools, special milling cutters for screw thread steel roll milling machines, screw thread steel roll engravers, screw thread steel roll milling machine tool rods, milling machine support blocks, etc., and recruit sales representatives around the world to serve customers.

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Customization industry solutions

Outstanding Customization: we provide OEM customization services and excellent scheme design for high hardness materials, non-metallic materials, CFRP, aluminum alloy, MMC aluminum matrix composites, stone mining and cbn/pcd cutting tools; As a result, it is popular in Japan, Israel, the United States, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Germany and Italy.

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We Create What You Want !

Halnn Superhard Materials is a well-known brand in superhard material and application, devoted to offer comprehensive solution to global customers. With the background of Henan Research Institute of Superhard Materials, we have a strong technical support and customized service team. We have launched a series of new CBN/PCD/Ceramic/Carbide product in Automobile, Heavy machining, Iron and steel metallurgy, general machinery, geology, mining, energy industry field.

Our main hot products are CBN tools, PCD tools, CVD diamond coating tools, SCD tools, composite crown drills and non-standard carbide tools,

At the same time, we provide customers with high-quality grinding wheels and regrinding services according to the production experience of cbn/pcd Tools.


Halnn Superhard will always accept sample order&supply OEM/ODM service for our oversea partners,including new product design,technical support,full unique processing solution,after-sale service,online service,etc.

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